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 Behavioral Health Residential Treatment Facilities for Adults.  

CADENS HEALTH AND WELLNESS is dedicated to improving mental health in our community through its residential treatment facilities. Our mission is to foster holistic wellness and recovery through supportive care, advocacy, and skill development, in a therapeutic environment that ensures client’s safety, health and overall well-being. We are committed to developing partnerships with clients and their treatment/ support teams to meet clients’ individualized health and wellness goals. We guide and support clients on a conscious journey of limitless possibilities.        

Our Services

Our residential treatment program provides an environment in which the resident receives services from personnel who are highly trained in the delivery of services for persons with mental illness, behavioral health disorders, related issues or comorbidities. We provide high-quality, mental health care in a safe, structured and therapeutic environment with a recovery-focused approached designed to integrate the client served, back into the community and living independently . The program involves the family and other supports in recovery. Our homelike setting contributes to healing and a sense of community that helps to establish normal, stabilizing routines that facilitate transitioning to independent living with established supports and resources.

We provide:

•Assistance in the self-administration of medication

•Individual therapy

•Group therapy

•Counseling Services

•Education and supportive psychotherapy

•Behavior Treatment Planning

•Personal Hygiene and Personal Care Services

•Habilitation Services

•Medical and Counseling Appointments

•Prescriptions pick-ups/refills

•Medical/psychiatric and Counseling Appointments

•Emergency Situations and referrals

•Home making activities

•Interpersonal relationships and effectiveness in social interactions.

•Interpreter Services

•We also provide after hours or weekend appointments if necessary.


•Goal directed activities 7 days a week

•Room and board services

• Medication assisted therapy (MAT) support


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Special Programs/Groups Offered

•Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders,

•Lesbian gay bisexual or transgender LGBT clients,

•Clients referred from the court/ judicial system,

•Seniors or older adults,

•Adult women,

•Adult men,

•Persons who have experienced trauma,

•Persons who have experienced sexual abuse,

•Persons who have experienced intimate partner violence domestic violence,

•Transitional age young adults.


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Our Locations

Desert Lane

St. Kateri Drive

Apollo Road

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